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Oxford NuCamp-Saïd Macro-finance Conference

Money, Credit, and Financial Stability

Call for papers


The Nuffield College Centre for Applied Macro Policy (NuCamp) and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford invite submissions to the Oxford NuCamp-Saïd Macro-finance Conference. 

We welcome high quality submissions at the interface between financial intermediation and macroeconomics. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Bank credit and fiat money
  • Monetary policy, macroprudential policy, and financial stability
  • The balance sheet transformation of banks and shadow banks, financial intermediation, and liquidity
  • Systemic risk, contagion, default, and financial crises
  • International monetary system and the global financial cycles

Paper submissions

The deadline for submission is 10 January 2019. Papers should be emailed to oxford.macrofinance@gmail.com. Decisions will be announced by late January.

We provide accommodation and meals for invited participants.


Martin Ellison (NuCamp and Nuffield College, Oxford)
Dimitrios Tsomocos ( Saïd Business School and St Edmund Hall, Oxford)
Xuan Wang (Saïd Business School and Exeter College, Oxford)