EY Scholarships


Funded by Ernst & Young, the aim of the EY scholarships programme is to advance education and promote sustainable development in Angola.

These scholarships are awarded to candidates who are ordinarily resident in Angola and who demonstrate a desire to use their learning in order to promote sustainable development in Angola upon completion of their Oxford diploma programme.


Scholarship details


Covers the full programme fee and reasonable living expenses.

Full details of how living expenses will be covered is explained in the scholarship offer terms and conditions. Scholars can generally expect that the School will arrange five nights of accommodation and a small stipend for other living costs while in Oxford.   

Number available

The number of awards varies per year but typically we have around 15 EY scholars across our four diploma classes. 

Eligibility criteria

  • You must be ordinarily resident in Angola 
  • Awarded on the basis of exceptional academic merit
  • Awarded to candidates who demonstrate a desire to use their accumulated learning to promote sustainable development in Angola upon graduation from their Oxford diploma programme.

How to apply

You must tick the EY Scholarship box in the funding section of the diploma application form.

You must also upload the additional scholarship essay required within the diploma application form ('What do you think is needed to enable Angola’s economic development in the next decade? Please set out your specific plans on how you plan to lead in one or more of these areas when you return from your course.') The maximum word count for this essay is 500 words.


22 October 2018

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