Forté Foundation Fellowships for Women

Scholarships for exceptional female candidates

Saïd Business School is a proud member of the Forté Foundation.

The Forté Foundation is a non-profit consortium of major corporations and top business schools working together to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful women.

The aim of this scholarship is to support female candidates of merit and to help increase the number of women joining Saïd Business School. The scholarship seeks to encourage an increase in women considering a management career within the business sector.

Scholarship details


£15,000 per scholarship

As a Forté Fellow at Saïd Business School, you will also have access to the excellent opportunities that engaging with the Forté network offers.

Number available

Two scholarships

In addition, all female scholars awarded a Saïd Business School Foundation scholarship or an Alumni Annual Fund scholarship will also receive a Forté Fellow designation. This may also apply to other scholarship schemes and will be decided on a case by case basis.

Eligibility criteria

Female candidates

Awarded on the basis of academic excellence demonstrated through degree results, GMAT or GRE score, previous university prizes and awards, and other academic achievements. Candidates should also demonstrate good leadership skills.

How to apply

No additional application is required, we will use the details you supply in your MBA application form to determine eligibility.


02 November 2018

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