Whatever an organisation’s form, there is always a way to embed purpose. This cluster of Responsible Business research initiatives examines purpose through differing lenses, deepening our understanding of what business is, and what business should be, over the coming decades.

The Oxford Ownership Project

Women in a conference

Examining family ownership and corporate purpose

Our work explores how family and private ownership relate to the endurance, value, and conduct of corporations, funded by the Ford Foundation.

Mutuality in Business

Mutuality in Business Forum

The adoption and impact of mutuality metrics

A collaborative project with the Mars Corporation exploring mutuality as a new principle for organising business. 

Our research explores the concept of mutuality in business and develops a business management theory for The Economics of Mutuality, teaching curricula, new management practices, and business case studies.

Changing conceptions of corporate purpose

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Our work explores how the idea of “corporate purpose” itself has shifted in content and impact over several decades.

Launched in 2015, in collaboration with the Beacon Institute EY Global, our work is part of a broader research initiative at Oxford to unpick the key issues in 21st century stakeholder capitalism and responsible leadership, in collaboration with corporate partners and in the service of world-leading executive education.